Professional Development

Quaglia School Voice Professional Development provides additional support to help educators effectively use their school's voice data. Customized professional development workshops are tailored to meet your schools' needs and guide leadership teams to develop and implement improvement plans based on their unique data.

The Dynamics of Student Voice and Aspirations

Online Professional Development for Educators

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These live, synchronous online sessions offer educators an introductory series of webinars on The Dynamics of Student Voice and Aspirations. The Quaglia Institute will conduct 4 online professional development sessions to be scheduled throughout the 2020-21 academic year. Each live webinar will be designed to address the nuances and challenges of hybrid learning, with an emphasis on student voice and aspirations.

Session I Student Voice & Aspirations: Introduction and Application

Session II School Voice Process: Building Relationships

Session III Using Voice to Enhance Self-Worth and Learning

Session IV Cultivating Voice: Letting the Leader in Students Emerge


My Voice, My Future Student Voice Webinars (Grades 6-12)

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It can be particularly challenging for students to become motivated to learn when the teaching and learning process for the school year is unsettled in the midst of COVID-19. This comprehensive series of webinars for students is designed to celebrate their voices and increase engagement in learning. These webinars will help students develop the skills necessary to navigate the inevitable changes in their educational lives.

Whether students have attended the same school for years, are transitioning to a new school, or are beginning a year with online classes, the webinars are structured to engage students' voices in a thought-provoking way and help them reach their personal, social and academic potential.


Quaglia Schools of Action

This professional learning model, developed by the Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations (QISVA), builds internal capacity and the ability to scale student voice work district wide in a cost and time effective way.

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These workshops foster school environments that listen to the voices of teachers and students, promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills, creativity, engagement, and open communication. The results? Academic, personal, and social growth, which in turn will build internal capacity and inspire meaningful improvements in teaching and learning.

Voice & Leadership Training for Students

The Quaglia Student Voice and Leadership workshops offer elementary, middle, and high schools the opportunity to unlock student voice and leadership in their schools through customized student sessions. Working with a cohort of student voice leaders, the workshops dive into the definition of student voice and the voice process, challenge students to analyze and reflect on their own practices, and inspire students to use their voices to enact positive change in their own schools and communities.

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Student Voice & Aspirations Facilitator 

Participants attend five full-day workshops throughout the academic year and are expected to complete required reading ahead of each session. After successfully completing all five sessions, participants will be certified as Quaglia Institute Student Voice & Aspirations Facilitators. At the discretion of the district, facilitators may deliver workshops on student voice within their district for three years. All necessary materials and current research findings will be provided by the Quaglia Institute.

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School Voice & Leadership Learning Opportunities

The Quaglia School Voice and Leadership sessions offer schools the opportunity to unlock voice and leadership in their schools and districts through customized sessions. These professional development opportunities dive into the definition and meaning of voice and aspirations, explore the voice process, and challenge participants to analyze and reflect on their own practices. The goal is to inspire all stakeholders to use their voices to enact positive change in their own schools and communities.

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