Quaglia Quoted

The resources below are a sampling of publications and articles that include the work of Dr. Russ Quaglia and the Quaglia Institute.


Improve Every Lesson Plan With SEL

Good lesson plans have an almost mysterious power; they declare that all information can be interesting, that every skill acquired broadens our potentials to make a better world, and that all impassioned activity leads to learning. The best teachers show us over and over that life is not a struggle against boredom and compliance; it is a wonder to be apprehended.

Juggling It All to Achieve Systemic Change

The job of the modern day school administrator is an extremely challenging one. Cherry Hill High School West has established an all-encompassing approach to certify that the focus is on student achievement while ensuring that students feel a sense of value, acceptance, belonging, and ultimately Self-Worth. The school has named this approach No Child Left Invisible.

Teaching for Purpose: Preparing Students for Lives of Meaning

Based on a decade of research conducted at the Stanford University Center on Adolescence, Heather Malin explores how educators and schools can promote purpose through attention to school culture, curriculum, project learning, service learning, and other opportunities. This book includes profiles of six organizations working in schools across the US that have made purpose development a priority, including the Quaglia Institute.

Student Voice: A growing movement within education that benefits students and teachers

For decades, special educators have recorded post-secondary education goals identified by students and their families on the Individualized Education Program (IEP). This process of listening to students and supporting their ideas is just one example of the larger concept of student voice.

ASCD: The Engagement Gap

A report on the Spring 2016 ASCD Whole Child Symposium. "The Engagement Gap: Making each school and every classroom an all-engaging learning environment."

What is Global Education

Global learning is about connecting with others to get a better understanding of cultures, innovations, and other points of view.

TES Connect Article on Student Voice

Biggest ever survey of young people finds that they want to "matter". Teachers should give students a far greater say in how schools are run and focus as much on relationships as they do on subjects, according to the largest survey of young people ever undertaken.

My Education

The My Education Report was made for young people, by young people. Led by nine Youth Ambassadors from the U.K., My Education was produced with Pearson Foundation and Teach First, and uses My Voice data to present key issues for today's youth.

Students Evaluating Teachers

Student opinions as part of teacher evaluations referencing iKnow My Class--QISA's classroom level survey. iKnow My Class measures student engagement in the teaching-learning environment.

21st Century Skills and the Workplace

This Gallup report, published in partnership with Microsoft Partners in Learning and Pearson Foundation, explores the relationships between 21st century skills developed in the classroom, student aspiration in schools, and perceived quality of work later in life. QISA research in the field of student aspirations was used to inform their research.

Aspiring to Success

This Education Week article highlights how schools have utilized the Quaglia School Voice surveys, and the positive impact it can have on a school.