Case Studies

These case studies were compiled to highlight the impact of the Aspirations Framework in schools.

Guardian Angels iKnow My Class Case Study 2021

2021 was the first year that student voice was investigated by staff, students, and the community at Guardian Angels Catholic Primary School. Two staff members were involved in the student voice project with Brisbane Catholic Education, partnering with the Quaglia Institute.

LAUSD Update June 2021

This end-of-year report is a summary of the partnership work between LAUSD and the Quaglia Institute throughout the 2020-21 school year. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Quaglia Institute delivered all services virtually, including 51 professional learning sessions with Aspirations Teams at 14 Schools of Action. Ultimately, the professional development sessions, data analysis, and associated school-wide activities led to meaningful learning and interactions between students and teachers at participating schools. In addition to the data updates provided in this report, we also feature the voices of administrators, teachers, and students, all of which demonstrate progress in LAUSD’s journey to amplify Student Voice & Aspirations.

LAUSD Update January 2021

This midyear report highlights the Quaglia Institute's partnership work with LAUSD from August-December 2020. As a result of COVID-19, all services were delivered virtually, including professional learning sessions with Aspirations Teams at 14 Schools of Action, Student Voice and iKnow My Class surveys, and the My Voice, My Future student video series. We continue to be impressed with the commitment of educators across the district to amplifying Student Voice & Aspirations, even amid the challenges presented by prolonged emergency remote learning.

Woodside High School, CA

In 2010 Woodside High School forged a partnership with the Quaglia Institute, and in the spring of 2011, WHS adopted the 8 Conditions as its revised Expected Schoolwide Learning Results (ESLR's) and as a framework to amplify student voice in their school community. Since then, student voice has truly become a way of being at Woodside High.

LAUSD June 2020 Addendum

This document is an addendum to the May 2020 report, providing an overview of results from the Student Voice surveys that were not yet available in May. During the fall of 2019, a total of 8,423 Student Voice surveys were completed by students in LAUSD Quaglia Schools of Action. Despite school closures as a result of COVID-19, all but three of these schools provided their students the opportunity to complete the survey again during the spring of 2020, at which time 2,353 surveys were completed.

LAUSD Update May 2020

The 2019-20 school year has indeed been an academic year unlike any other. We are proud to report that despite the interruption COVID-19 brought to the typical flow of a school year, the LAUSD Quaglia Schools of Action have risen to the occasion! Efforts to amplify students’ voices and aspirations are not only surviving, but thriving. Aspirations Teams were able to quickly mobilize and leverage previous work in the area of student voice to drive support for students and families as they collectively transitioned to emergency remote learning. While this has not been an ideal way to conclude the final round of professional development sessions, we are incredibly impressed with the commitment of administrators and teachers. 

LAUSD Update January 2020

This midyear report highlights the Quaglia Institute's partnership with LAUSD, including onsite sessions with 15 Schools of Action, Student Voice survey use and application, as well as training a group of educators to become certified as Student Voice & Aspirations Facilitators in order to build internal capacity and sustainability. We are incredibly proud of the commitment these schools have made to amplify student voice and the actions they are taking to truly create sustainable change. 

Youngstown City School District, OH

As part of a comprehensive turnaround effort, initiated and supported by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) through a state appointed Academic Distress Commission (ADC), the Quaglia Institute was brought in to work with administrators, teachers, students, and the community to improve the teaching and learning environment in YCSD schools.

Conway Elementary School, SC

Conway Elementary School (CES) is located in the Horry County School District, South Carolina. The school is comprised of grades Pre K–grade 5 and has a student body of 700 and a staff of 100. The Conway Elementary community has used their School Voice survey and focus group results to plot a course of action that supports school and district goals.