Showcasing Elementary Schools

The schools below are a few highlights from the amazing work elementary schools around the world are doing to amplify student voice. A special thank you to these schools for being willing to put their practices on display. Our hope is that these examples will provide a spark of inspiration as we listen to and learn from one another. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like to submit evidence of your student voice work to be included in this Showcasing Schools page.

Queensliff Primary School

Queenscliff Primary School is a small, rural, government school in Queenscliff, on the Bellarine Peninsula, Australia.

“After three years working closely in our Community of Practice (CoP) and the Quaglia Institute (Student Voice and Aspirations), we are celebrating all the wonderful things we have been doing at Queenscliff Primary School to foster everyone's voice and aspirations in our learning community.”

Watch their Student Voice video here.

Monday Morning Assemblies at Rosa Parks Learning Center

During the 2019-20 school year, Rosa Parks Learning Center began holding Monday Morning Assemblies to increase and amplify student voice. Each week, a class takes responsibility for leading the whole school in the Monday Morning Assembly, using the opportunity to teach student voice skills, celebrate learning and student accomplishments on a regular basis, and cultivate a sense of belonging between all students and staff at the school. Thanks to the hard work of Principal King and the Aspirations Team, the school was able to continue the Monday Morning tradition via virtual means during the 2020-21 school year.  Throughout the week, teachers and students would compile pictures and videos to be showcased and submitted write-ups to recognize individual students during what morphed into the Monday Morning Video. This provided a structured time each week to hear from the voices of students on the school wide stage, and through virtual means, let student shine and be acknowledge for their talents, accomplishments, and hard work. Enjoy these samples of Monday Morning Videos from Rosa Parks, including students leading the pledge of allegiance from their home, highlighting student artwork, and a beautiful recognition of individual students at the end of each video.

Chatsworth Park Urban Planning Magnet School (Elementary School) Legacy Project

Please click here to download the PowerPoint presentation.

Teachers at Chatsworth Park Elementary School seek out students' ideas and opinions to truly understand their perspectives and experiences. Student input is valued and supports the learning process within project based learning—it lifts up under-engaged voices, provides time to explore and discuss ideas, allows for creative expression, makes lessons personally relevant, rewards risk, and encourages debate.

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Student Voice at Kihei Elementary School

In support of the Hawaii State Department of Education's strategic plan, teachers and administrators at Kihei Elementary School are implementing strategies to inspire students to use their voices to create positive change in their school community. Watch the video to the left to see why Kihei values student voice and helps students become actively involved in school.