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Student Voice: Lizeth, Redwood High School

In this student voice video, Lizeth talks about what inspired her to stop skipping school and become a more confident, motivated student. Her openness and insights reflect the importance of building trusting and respectful relationships between teachers and students.

Student Voice: Gabriel, Redwood High School

In this student voice video, Gabriel shares his wisdom on belonging and how teachers can bring out students' unique talents to help them thrive. He articulates the importance of taking time to consider what it may be like to stand in someone else's shoes—of truly understanding and connecting with each other.

Peer Support Scenarios by Rivers Academy West London

Student leaders at Rivers Academy West London, an Aspirations Academy Trust school in the UK, created this video to raise awareness about the importance of effective peer support. This video includes "How To" and "How Not To" scenarios, as well "top tips" for being a supportive peer.

Student Voice: Steven, Somerville High School

In this student voice video, Steven shares his perspective on student voice and why it is essential to improving a school. He also talks about his experience with a teacher who promoted Self-Worth for everyone in her class and how that impacted students' investment in class and growth as individuals.

Student Voice: Kellie, Somerville High School

In this student voice video, Kellie talks about why she loves her school and what it means to promote a sense of Belonging for all students. As a member of the Culture Committee, Kellie recognizes the importance of including others and working together to create a better school environment.

Student Voice: Vince, Redwood High School

In this student voice video, Vince reflects on a positive experience with a math teacher and offers his advice for how educators can show students that they care. Vince recognizes the importance is creating an environment where students feel comfortable in class and cared about as individuals.

Student Aspirations Assemblies

The Quaglia Institute presented the 8 Conditions to students in grades 3-5 in Youngstown, Ohio. Check out the video for a recap of the assembly and see if the students remembered all of them!