Teacher Voice & Aspirations International Center


The Teacher Voice & Aspirations International Center (TVAIC) is a natural outgrowth of the work being done by the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations to promote and embed the principles of Self-Worth, Engagement, and Purpose in the teaching profession. TVAIC is grounded in the belief that it is critical to have teaching and learning environments that listen to the voices of students and teachers. By valuing and acting upon the voices of students and teachers, schools can create a culture where critical thinking and problem solving skills, creativity, collaboration, open communication, and aspirations for both students and staff will be realized. Ultimately, this balanced approach of working together on a shared vision based upon the voices that define a school will lead to academic, personal, and social growth for the entire educational community.


A clear goal of TVAIC is to be the international leader in the area of teacher voice and aspirations. The resources developed and the research findings generated from TVAIC will be shared globally and act as a catalyst for change in schools that represents the importance of teacher voice and aspirations. Working in partnership with some of the leading education organizations and universities in the world, the goals of TVAIC will be accomplished by:

  • Establishing a rigorous research agenda dedicated, in part, to studying the relationships between teacher voice and aspirations with student learning, teacher retention, and quality of teaching. The agenda will also include analyzing the connection between student academic achievement, student and teacher voice, and student and teacher aspirations;
  • Generating publications including an annual School Voice® report and documentation of progress, analysis of Teacher Voice Survey data, books, journal articles, blogs, and op-ed articles;
  • Developing a series of educational tools and leadership seminars to promote voice and aspirations for teachers at all levels that can be shared globally;
  • Providing innovative and creative online courses for both pre-service and in-service training;
  • Creating professional development opportunities for teachers designed to help them understand and embrace conditions affecting their aspirations, and shift their practice in order to meet their fullest potential;
  • Delivering lectures and presentations at various colleges, universities, and educational venues throughout the world addressing the importance of teacher voice and aspirations.