Aspirations Profile

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We define Aspirations as the ability to dream and set goals for the future while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams. Aspirations are both "then" and "now." They involve both dreaming of the future, and doing in the present. They are made up of a vision of where we want to get and, at a minimum, a willingness to do what is necessary to get there.

We can look at our definition graphically if we think of each aspect - present/doing and future/dreaming - as the X- and Y-axis of a grid. Seen this way, the two aspects of the definition provide us with four categories:

Our definition of Aspirations and the Aspirations Profile represent the first part of the Quaglia Institute's Aspirations Framework. The Aspirations Profile contains information that schools can use to help students and teachers become academically, personally, and socially successful.

Within the Aspirations Framework, the Aspirations Profile unfolds in 3 Guiding Principles that show up again and again, not only in the research, but also in the core beliefs, values, mission and vision statements of educators and schools that support voice and aspirations. Click here to learn about the Guiding Principles.