Quaglia Demo Site Model


The Quaglia Institute for School Voice and Aspirations (QISVA) has developed a two professional learning models. The
Student model is designed to build internal capacity and the ability to scale student voice work district wide in a cost and time effective way. The Teacher model is similarly designed, with a view to scaling teacher voice work districtwide.
Both models include:

  • Five Professional Learning Sessions: serving up to 30 participants per session. Participants can come from a single school or up to five different schools. In addition to the established sessions, services will be tailored to address the specific needs of the school.

  • Webinars: To supplement the professional learning sessions, Dr. Quaglia and his colleagues at the Quaglia Institute will host webinars where participants can share their successes, ask questions, build relationships with other Quaglia School Voice sites from around the world, and learn from leading global educational thought leaders.

  • Project Aspire*: The Quaglia School Voice® Model includes 200 seats in Project Aspire, an exciting online educational experience that puts learning about School Voice® and Aspirations in the hands of the learners. Project Aspire keeps educators engaged in school voice work in between the five onsite Professional Learning Sessions.

  • Additional Voice Resources: To enhance and take full advantage of the Professional Learning Sessions, Webinars, and Project Aspire, the following resources are required as an integral part of the Quaglia School Voice model:
    • iKnowMyClass -- this classroom level survey provides formative feedback to teachers based on a well-researched model of classroom engagement.
    • Student Voice -- this school level survey provides an effective measure of the Aspirations Framework.

*The cost of Project Aspire is included in the QSV model.