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See how schools are making a difference with voice!

  • "Voice in our schools needs to become a way of being. It can't be a perceived program that I'm taking off the shelf. It's got to compliment, it's got to drive, it's got to allow us to reflect on every single thing we do. From the first bell to the last bell." ~ Dr. Russ Quaglia

  • "Students listen to teachers with great intent. We need to return the favor." Russell Quaglia. Watch this 3:43 minute video created in partnership with the Los Angeles Unified School District and Barry Kibrick, host and creator of Between the Lines.

  • In support of the Hawaii State Department of Education's strategic plan, teachers and administrators at Kihei Elementary School are implementing strategies to inspire students to use their voices to create positive change in their school community.

  • 15 Brisbane Catholic Education Student Voice Consultants produced a video to say thank you to staff, students and parents for their innovation, resilience and support through the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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    "The opportunity to work and develop relationships with students outside of my class was a rewarding experience. When you see the student pass their classes or just greet you when they see you in the hall, you know it was worth the extra work."

  • The Student Aspirations Advocates Program (SAAP) is designed as an intensive 9th grade support system for students who have been identified as high risk and could benefit from an additional positive support system. The primary focus of SAAP is to help students adjust to, succeed in, and graduate from high school.

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    It is often said that the best gifts come in small packages. The sentiment expressed in that old adage is one of the best ways to describe Northridge Academy High School. The school may be small, but what they exemplify in terms of habits of collaboration, interaction, and instruction--as an extended family unit--are truly gifts.

  • Northridge Academy High School--through their partnership with Quaglia Institute--is on a chartered course toward stronger student involvement and a more complete understanding of their concerns on the part of the faculty.

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    The Lawrence legacy project provides a summary of accomplishments to-date, that the school feels have been most important in determining their course of action. But their true focus has not been on accomplishments, but, rather, on the lasting impact their actions will have on shaping the culture of Lawrence MS in years to come.

  • At the core of the "Legacy project" is the realization that "nothing is more important in schools than recognizing the voices of those for whom schools are designed."

  • Quaglia Schools of Action frequently host World Café data activities. Small groups of adults and students, working side by side, analyze the Student Voice survey results. The results are broken down by the 8 Conditions that drive the voice and aspirations work of the Quaglia Institute, and the ensuing conversations are used to leverage action that collectively improves campus culture and engagement in learning.

    Check out this video created by a student at Lawrence Middle highlighting a recent Student Voice World Cafe data activity.

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    Aspirations Day is Castro's annual career exploration event. It is an all-school event that takes place toward the end of the school year and is intended to be a culmination of activities presented throughout the school year that help student develop a sense of who they are and who they might become. Click on the link above to download the PowerPoint presentation.

  • We would like our students to be thinking not only about what they will do, but also what kind of people they would like to become.

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    Morning Assemblies were established so students could showcase their learning to the entire school. Students were excited to participate in these assemblies, and took ownership of their learning, presenting in various ways.

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    Mount Gleason established the Galloping Gatherings so that students could connect with students of different grade levels.

  • Mount Gleason looks forward to creating more collaborative opportunities to build connections with every grade level.

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    Teachers at Chatsworth Park used students' ideas and opinions to understand their perspectives and experiences. Student input is valued and supports the learning process within project based learning as well as the general learning environment.

  • Using data from such tools as "Student Voice" and the "I Know My Class" surveys, teachers at Chatsworth Park have a better understanding of the importance of student voice. Project based learning activities/projects during the school year enable staff to recognize the importance of "students as partners."

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    By building a connected community, encouraging strong student voice, and guiding their aspirations, students at Edison can get the motivation and support they need to tackle any obstacle, be proud of their accomplishments, and establish a great sense of purpose that will last them a lifetime.

  • Edison's Legacy Project focuses on the three categories of Connected Community, Voice, and Aspirations.

  • Highlights of some of the activities at Thomas Edison Middle School's Eco Fair, including Aztec Floating Gardens, a Planting Party, Time Capsules, Shark Tank, The Wishing Tree, Farmer's Market and a Math Eco Trivia Game.

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    Sutter Middle School decided to create a Youth Empowerment Council (Y.E.C). Two students from every advisory/homeroom class will gather feedback from their class and bring the suggestions, feedback and/or concerns to a roundtable of representatives of teachers, support staff and admin.

  • Sutter's proposal includes student workshops on Public Speaking, Voice vs Noise, Note Taking, and Effective
    communication to provide resources to students who choose to volunteer for this role.

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    Sutter Middle School asked students to help the school decide which science text books to purchase.

  • After identifying that 6th grade students were struggling with the transition to middle school, the 6th grade team of teachers spent four weeks intentionally working to support students in creating habits necessary for coming to class ready and willing to learn. Check out this video highlighting the celebration that occurred at the conclusion of this effort.

  • A summary of Gomper's accomplishments thus far, and an outline of the next steps once schools reopen.

  • The Gompers 6th grade department created this video to demonstrate how they celebrate as a collective group.

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    Chatsworth Charter High School are using their Legacy Project to:

    • strengthening meaningful relationships between Alumni and current students and staff.
    • having current students build library of short videos to share Tips for Success with other students.
    • creating an online Professional Corner for specific achievement goals (i.e. Ted Talks).

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    The School Engagement Task Force met biweekly in order to brainstorm schoolwide initiatives to further engage students at school. Adults and students worked together, and engaged in a World Café activity to analyze our Quaglia Student Voice data. Students provided recommendations that influenced actions taken over the course of the year.

  • A description of the initiatives Huntington Park took this year, including a World Café activity, improving school engagement, and a districtwide anti-vaping campaign.

  • This video is a wrap up of the 4-week summer program from Woodside High School's Compass program. This program served 100 incoming 9th graders identified as at-risk for dropping out. This year Spirit of Adventure was the theme and in the video you will see students engaging in a number of Quaglia Institute activities.

  • The 2018 Summer Bridge Program for incoming freshmen was themed Spirit of Adventure: Explore, Dream, Discover. 96 students walked across the stage and received a certificate and their "Compass Class of 2022" shirts.

  • Read this winning graduation speech by Linnea Lyssand - she incorporated all of QISA's 8 Conditions.

  • This video, created by students at Woodside High School in Sequoia, CA, interviews students who are on the path to achieving their dreams. Each student shares an understanding of their own self-worth, a complete engagement to their passion and a clear sense of purpose.

  • Woodside High School's 2019 Aspirations school pride video.

  • Woodside High School puts up another great video about one of the Conditions. Woodside is a QISA Demonstration Site that adopted the 8 Conditions as their Expected School Wide Learning Results (ESLRs) several years ago. Most California schools choose academic measures as their ESLRs.

  • A video created by Paul C. Bunn teachers demonstrating how the school incorporates the Quaglia Institute's 8 Conditions.

  • The student team at Chaney worked with teachers to produce a video to define respect for everyone in their building. This project was well received at the school.

  • Bodine Elementary School share their Framework for Student Success.

  • This great video, produced by and starring Whittemore Park Middle School students, chronicles their recent efforts to participate in random acts of kindness. A must watch!

  • As part of their Student Voice effort, students at Whittemore Park Middle School created this catchy anti-bullying video!

  • Being on a Student Aspirations Team

    Julie Hellerstein, QISA Director of Student Support

    This informative video gives students an idea of what being on a Student Aspirations Team is all about!

  • Redwood Environmental Academy of Leadership (REAL) students, Noah and Bethany, recently traveled to Thailand with their local Rotary Club to help set up drinking wells in two rural villages. In this video they share their amazing stories and the impact of this transformational experience.

  • Northmont Student Aspirations Team

    Northmont High School Student Aspirations Team

    The Northmont High School (Clayton, OH) Student Aspirations Team made this informative video about their work leading the implementation of suggestion boxes and other resources for students.

  • In this Student Voice Video, Lizeth talks about what inspired her to stop skipping school and become a more confident, motivated student.

  • Student Voice Video: Gabriel

    Gabriel, Redwood High School

    In this Student Voice Video, Gabriel shares his wisdom on belonging and how teachers can bring out students' unique talents to help them thrive.

  • Student Engagement Video by Rivers Academy West London

    Rivers Academy West London Student Leaders

    Student leaders at Rivers Academy West London (an Aspirations Academy in the U.K.) created this video to raise awareness at about the issue of peer support, as well as present "top tips" for being a supportive student.

  • Student Voice Video: Steven

    Steven, Somerville High School

    In this Student Voice Video, Steven shares his perspective on student voice, and why it is essential to improving a school. He also talks about his experience with a teacher who promoted Self-Worth for all the students in her class.

  • Student Voice Video: Kellie

    Kellie, Somerville High School

    In this Student Voice Video, Kellie talks about why she loves her school, and what it means to promote a sense of Belonging for all students.

  • Student Voice Video: Vince

    Vince, Redwood High School

    In this Student Voice Video, Vince reflects on a positive experience with a math teacher, and offers his advice for how educators can show students that they care.

  • Aspirations@Northmont Middle School

    Northmont Middle School

    This movie shows some of the progress Northmont Middle School (Clayton, OH) has made in their Aspirations efforts.

  • We presented the 8 Conditions to students in Youngstown, Ohio; this video recaps our assemblies with elementary students in grades 3-5.