Quaglia School Voice Surveys & PD

For more information about Quaglia School Voice® surveys and Professional Development services summarized below, please contact us.

School Voice Surveys

Quaglia School Voice surveys are designed to measure the 8 Conditions across an entire school. Available for students, staff, and parents, these online surveys take about 15 minutes to complete and provide survey administrators with real-time reports. By utilizing Quaglia School Voice survey reports, teams of educators and students can work together to develop shared objectives and inspire meaningful improvements within their schools.

School Voice Professional Development

Quaglia School Voice Professional Development provides additional support to help educators effectively use their school data. Customized professional development workshops, institutes, and certification guide school leadership teams through this process, and help them to develop and implement improvement plans based on their unique data.

School Voice Workshops

For staff: These workshops foster school environments that listen to the voices of teachers and students, promoting critical thinking and problem solving skills, creativity, and open communication. The results? Academic, personal, and social growth, which in turn will build internal capacity and inspire meaningful improvements in teaching and learning.

For students: A series of four one-day events that explore strategies for harnessing a voice that deserves
to be heard; cultivating an engaged classroom; and ensuring overall positive academic, personal, and social outcomes for the school and district through the creation of a better teaching and learning environment.

For more information on either of these workshops please contact us at info@quagliainstitute.org.