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The Teacher Voice and Aspirations International Center (TVAIC) has developed professional development seminars within five key areas:

1. Understanding the Dynamics of Student Voice and Aspirations*
2. Voice and Vision: Using Data to Inform Decisions and Directions*
3. Understanding the Importance of Self-Worth as a Teacher*
4. Being Meaninfully Engaged as a Teacher in the Classroom, School and Community*
5. Having a Sense of Purpose as a Teacher*
* All Seminars could be delivered as individual stand-alones. However, it is our strong belief that for maximum learning and impact, teachers should experience all five seminars over a time span to be determined by school/district leadership.

Participating Teachers will:
  • Learn new concepts and current international research in the area of Teacher Voice and Aspirations;
  • Challenge current thinking, role and expectations as a teacher;
  • Reflect on current practices and who you are as an educator;
  • Discuss ideas and thoughts with colleagues in a safe, respectful and open atmosphere of learning;
  • Develop a personal plan for taking your voice to action in your current educational context.

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