Teacher Voice

What do teachers think about school?

This seemingly simple question opens the door to genuine and authentic teacher voice in schools, where principals ask for their teachers' opinions and really listen to what they have to say. However, teacher voice isn't just about asking and listening - it is also about what happens next.

Teacher voice truly takes off when principals and teachers engage in meaningful dialogue about real and important issues, and then actively partner in leading the way forward together. When teachers see that their voices are being heard and influencing decisions, and they are invited to act as leaders in that process, a collaborative community of learners is formed.

This collaborative community naturally works in support of the Aspirations Framework. Engaging teacher voice and co-leadership aids in building strong relationships between principals and teachers, activating teachers' participation in their own learning and within the greater school community, and by clearly mapping how present school experience can help them work towards their futures.

Ultimately, recognizing and valuing teachers' voices and aspirations will lead to academic, personal, and social growth for the entire educational community.

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