Quaglia School Voice Model

There are three major components to the School Voice® Model: Listen, Learn, and Lead. Effectively utilizing one's voice is not just about leading, but about first listening and being willing to learn from others.

Listening is not a passive act, and is about much more than just hearing someone. Effective listening requires outreach, openness, and a genuine interest in understanding the thoughts and ideas of others, including those with opinions different from your own. To effectively utilize voice, students and adults must also master the art of listening and learning from others both within and beyond the walls of the school.

The true value in listening to the voices of others is the opportunity to learn. Key to the successful development of voice is a fundamental belief that there is something to be learned from the people around you, regardless of position, age, or any other qualifying factor. Like listening, learning is not a passive activity, but must be an intentional and regular part of efforts to grow effective school voice. When true listening and learning occur, trust and respect are established and relationships are strengthened.

Leading is all about using what has been learned through effective listening to bring about meaningful change in partnerships with others. Having fostered positive relationships through listening and learning, the stage is set for meaningful collaboration that leads to action. When the School Voice Model is implemented, all stakeholders share in the responsibility to continually improve the school community, valuing the voices of all, and establishing a leadership model that capitalizes on the unique skills and talents of every individual represented in the collective.
  • School Voice Model

    The progression of 30 plus years of research and fieldwork on voice and aspirations has led to the School Voice Model, which represents a dynamic process that allows all stakeholders in the school community to develop their voice in a way in which it is heard, respected, and valued.