Quaglia Institute Resources

These resources support Quaglia School Voice users as they begin to use the surveys, analyze results, and conduct focus groups in their schools.

Quaglia School Voice Surveys and Professional Development are distributed by Corwin, the premier provider of professional learning resources that equip PreK-12 educators with innovative tools to improve teaching and learning. For more information about Quaglia School Voice Surveys and services, please visit Corwin's Quaglia School Voice website.

  • This document provides an overview and introduction to Quaglia Student Voice surveys, including a list of sample questions from student, staff, and parent versions.

  • This document is a resource for educators as they seek to analyze their Quaglia School Voice survey results. It includes an overview of three important concepts to keep in mind, which commonly arise during this process.

  • Conducting student focus groups is an important component of the Quaglia Student Voice effort in schools, as they allow educators to dig deeper into survey data and better understand students' perspectives. This document outlines a process for conducting focus groups with students in grades 3-12.

  • Due to their unreliability, QISA does not use scaled surveys with students in grade 2 or younger. Rather, QISA encourages schools to conduct focus groups with this population, as they allow younger students an opportunity to share their thoughts on school. This document outlines a process for engaging K-2 students in Quaglia Student Voice focus groups.

  • The Development of Quaglia Student Voice Scales

    Dr. Matthew Bundick

    February 2011

    The Quaglia School Voice Surveys were designed to assess various aspects of student aspirations by asking students to respond to statements about their perceptions of their school, and school-related self-perceptions regarding the 8 Conditions that Make a Difference. This document is a technical report of the scale development process regarding the use of the Quaglia School Voice Survey (formerly My Voice) to operationalize the three Guiding Principles.

  • Learn how to conduct observations in your school with students as partners.