Quaglia School Voice National Reports

Published by the Quaglia Institute, these reports analyze and discuss national Quaglia School Voice® student and staff survey data from 2008 to present.

  • This report is rooted in a simple idea: In order for schools to be successful, they must listen to, learn from, and lead with the students and teachers who comprise the very life of the school itself. Whether schools choose to accept our view that the goal of schools should be to support each and every student's aspirations, or not; whether schools believe as we do that the Self-Worth, Engagement, and sense of Purpose of every student and teacher is critical to their academic and professional success in school, or not; whether schools think ensuring each student's sense of Belonging, Fun & Excitement, and Confidence to Take Action are part of the job of teaching, or not; we urge schools to consider the voice of students and teachers in all projects and programs moving forward.

  • The underlying philosophy of the My Voice Survey and the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations is that students have something to teach us. The 2014 My Voice National Student Report (Grades 6-12) reveals the voices of students from across the United States and demonstrates the vital importance of listening to them.